This story has been sent to me by Gary Deering, long time the Damned fan. Tanks once again Gary!
AlgyOn a train to Kent 12.30, talking to a London wide boy about playing guitar, my mind drifted back to the late 80's when I first heard of Algy Ward ex-Damned bass player. It was The light at the end of the tunnel booklet, I think was where I heard the name Algy first. So what the hell am I doing traveling down to met this man now, ok sit back & read this silly little tale.
About 3 years ago I read about Algy again leaving the Damned & forming a heavy metal band called Tank, ok so I wanted to hear what it was all about, e-bay thank you & we have the third Lp in my mits, here in the emerald isle, I play I like, I wonder.
 One year later I got a brainwave lets get the Damned message board to ask the questions, I will do the footwork, they ask the questions  mmm good idea, it worked! I have 2 secret goals Bryn Merrick & Algy Ward. The two members that have never talked about there Damned days what a scoop! If they where interested
! na wont happen but it did ! Thanks to Oleg & a bit of foot work I got Algy's phone number. I remember the night I rang him, I was shiting it. What would it be like to ring this bloke, mate of Lemmy's, Heavy Metal hard man.......oh God......the phone rang then I got a very friendly hello ! mmm  Algy ....reply yes & it kicked off from there, Algy agreed to do the interview, I rang him back a few times to keep him up on progress & we got on(thank you god!)
Ok back to the train, I got off in Algy's home town waited at the station, within a few minutes I was greeted by the site of the man himself walking down the road, we exchanged hand shakes god, I was hungry & tired after 4 hours on trains, food was got, & pints where ordered. We spoke first off about Algy's days with The Saints, there's a new box set coming out this month which includes a live CD which Algy plays on, he was waiting for the courier to deliver his promo copy that day. Algy gave me a sampler of the CD set & I have to says its kick ass stuff. We moved on to his days with The Damned which he really enjoyed & how disappointed he was the way it ended. I asked him about playing Damned intros at the sound check at the last London Tank gig, he explained that Kipper always asks him to do that so he can get the bass sound right when setting up. Algy then told me about the new Tank CD which is fully written, he is just waiting to have his operation & then its back into the studio to record it.
Gary & AlgyWe then moved on to another pub, we Algy got me my B & B for the night. We spoke more about the music business at which stage a few of the locals started to talk to us, they seemed to know Algy quite well & where joking with him about the football team he supports. He then got word that his brother Kipper(Iain) was around the corner in the first pub we where in, so it was time to move back around there. At this point I produced a few record covers to get Algy to sign, his mates I think where a bit shocked at how famous he was !
We moved back to the first pub that we where in & I got to meet Kipper, who I have to say is one of  life's gentlemen. More beer was drank & we took the pictures that are on this page. Algy then had to head off to his girlfriend's place so I stayed with Kipper for a pint & then made a sad attempt to find my way back to the pub where I was staying. Somewhere along the line I bumped back into Kipper & he showed me the way!
All in all it was a great day, I really enjoyed meeting Algy & Kipper, I did not in enjoy the hangover & train trip back to the midlands to where I was staying the next day. Thanks to Algy & Kipper.
Yours looking forward to the new Tank CD. Gary Deering.   

 Kipper, Gary & Algy

August 20, 2004(left to right: Kipper, Gary & Algy)