TANK Still at War line up

Still at War Somewhere deep in the English countryside, Tank are busy making their new album, their comeback album if you will. They also just happen to be making the album that could both re-establish and redefine the classic British Metal that's been missing for so long...
 Tank is, purely and simply, the very essence of Metal. Since their inception during the heyday of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, few have walked it and talked it in quite the same way as they so consistently have. Throughout the conversation with Algy that follows, I was left in absolutely no doubt that is a mission, a crusade of sorts, to make their brand of Metal their way-compromise permitted.
With the sun beating down-yes, sun in England!- and the windows of the studio control room (situated above a farmyard barn, I might add) open, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The recording of the album, to be called "Still at War", is proceeding well, and on the day I visit, avuncular guitarist Mick Tucker is laying guitar parts-huge great chunks of blistering noise-on a track called "In the last Hours before Dawn". The backing tracks, with new drummer and (ex?) Praying Mantis man Bruce Bisland playing up a storm, are totally incendiary. Make no mistake, this is Metal of the very highest order!
Bassist and Tank founder member Algy Ward is happy with what's been done, and at his behest we retire to a quite area of the studio building to talk more about the record, and why it's been so long coming.
 So, first Tank album in some fourteen years. What people can expect?

Algy Ward: "I think I would have to say a very loud experience- a Tank album basically! No long songs, keyboard intros or the like, just a back to basics Tank album. The material has been written since 1988, so it's been a long time gestating".
And the same bunch of reprobates are involved?
Algy Ward: "Yes, Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans on guitar and Bruce Bisland from Praying Mantis on drums!"
How exactly did Bruce end up on the album?
Algy Ward: "I rang him up and asked him! He said send me a tape of the demos, which I did, and he said yeah, fine. We rehearsed for a couple of weeks, booked the studio and that was it."
So how come there's been no new Tank album in fourteen years?
Algy Ward: "Every had other projects to occupy them, and there were contractual problems that really only gave us two options. Either I could pay to extricate myself or I could do nothing. I choose latter. I didn't do very much for about a year and a half, and then I started to work again. I did sessions, played in the Nicky Moore band with Mick, recorded Atom God album, two Warfare albums, one of which I produced, and an album with Evo and Wurzel from Motorhead called Warhead. This was really only killing time, though, until we could make a new Tank album. I had never stopped writing Tank material, but I've always written more than was needed. There's always been a backlog of songs, and there still is."
I'm right in saying that you already have the next album written, aren't I?
Algy Ward: "Actually, I'm two albums ahead! The next studio album will be called "Sturmpanzer", and the album after that is to be called "Retribution".
When do you find time to sleep?
Algy Ward: "Who says I do?"
So what tracks are highlights of "Still at War"? Which songs are you happiest with?
Algy Ward: "The title track, "Conspiracy of Hate", "Return of the Filthhounds" and some of the slower songs like "The Blood still on their Hands" and "In the last Hours before Dawn". They've all got a different slant on the whole war thing. I research the subject fully, it's a long process. For instance, the next album "Sturmpanzer" has needed a lot of time at the Imperial War museum in London, and there's still a lot of work I need to do so that I can get everything factually correct".
And it's important to you that all the information carried in the songs is correct?
Algy Ward: "Absolutely, otherwise I wouldn't put my name to it".
Do you have a message for Tank fans?
Algy Ward: "Hammer on! .... you know it makes sense!"
             Tank- "Still at War"- release date September 9th 2002.
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