Part of my personal Tank collection. May 2007. Los Angeles, USA.

Steve Morse(DEEP PURPLE), Oleg and my dad Peter(R.I.P./1937-2005).                                                                  
Los Angeles, California, Guitar Center. Abandon 
Tour. August 30, 1998.
Steve Morse, I and my dad Peter


       Oleg & Jim Durkin DARK ANGEL/ DREAMS OF DAMNATION. November  29,   2008. Los Angeles, California.
                         Oleg & Wolf Hoffmann(ACCEPT). October 19, 2010. West Hollywood, CA.       Peter Baltes(ACCEPT) & Oleg.    October 19, 2010. West Hollywood, CA.            Herman Frank(ACCEPT) & Oleg 

                 Stefan Schwarzmann(ACCEPT) & Oleg. October 19, 2010. West Hollywood, CA.                         Gary Taylor(ex-TANK)  & Oleg.  April 17, 2009. Hollywood, CA.

Oleg & family. August 26, 2007. San Francisco, USA.
San Francisco, USA

 Oleg & family. September, 2007. Mexico, Puerto Vallarta.
Mexico, Puerto Vallarta.

Mexico, Puerto Vallarta
RAVEN: John Gallagher, Mark Gallagher,  Joe Hasselvander & Oleg. August 28, 2008. Hollywood, California.
Oleg & Juan Garcia from  AGENT STEEL, ABATTOIR. November 29, 2008. Los Angeles, California. 

Joe Lynn Turner(ex-DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) & Oleg. November 4th,  2005, Tarzana, California.
Joe & Oleg

          Nagash(aka Lex Icon(The KOVENANT, ex-DIMMU BORGIR) & Oleg
Lex Icon & Oleg

Kai Hansen(ex-HELLOWEEN, GAMMA RAY) and Oleg.

               Henjo Richter from GAMMA RAY  and Oleg.
Henjo Richter & Oleg

Jay Reynolds(Malice/Metal Church), Brian Allen(Malice) & Oleg. July 13, 2007.

        Vinny Appice(Dio/Black Sabbath).

Rob "Blasko" Nicholson(Cryptic Slaughter, Rob Zombie, Ozzy), 
Katon De Pena from
HIRAX and Oleg.  May 1st, 2004. Reseda,  California.
Rob, Katon & Oleg

Betsy Weiss from the legendary band BITCH & Oleg. November 2005, Tarzana, California.
Betsy and Oleg

Perry Grayson(ex-Destiny's End), Oleg & Brian Fair from SHADOWS FALL.
Perry, Oleg & Brian

Oleg, Elena(wife) and daughter Anastasia. July, 2004. Moscow, Russia.
Tankman, Anastasia & Elena


My son Dennis(aka Tankman Jr.). December 21 2005. Palm Springs, California.

Dennis in Palm Springs
Ozzy Osbourne with BLACK SABBATH. West Hollywood, California, Tower Records. October 25, 1998. Signing their new CD "Reunion".

Black Sabbath



Tankman  & Don Coscarelli(director of the horror movie Phantasm). Woodland Hills, California., December 2004.
Oleg & Don Coscarelli


Legendary Jim "Slim Jim" McDonnell(ex-drummer for STRAY CATS) and Oleg(right). Beverly Hills, California. March 6, 1999.
"Slim" Jim and Oleg












Oleg(aka Tankman), December 20, 2005 in Palm Desert, California.

Oleg in Palm Desert
Oleg  & Elena(wife), December 21 2005. Palm Springs, California.

Oleg and Elena

NAZARETH Sports complex  Olympic, Moscow , Russia. January 1990.