"To the loyal Filth Hounds! ALGY=TANK=ALGY! There is only one TANK! 
Don't believe the Lies! HAMMER ON!"- Algy Ward.
  "Return of the true TANK - one of the most influential metal bands from the UK!"- NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS, Germany.


February 17, 2018: TANK new album STURMPANZER has been rescheduled for  October 12, 2018 release via DISSONANCE PRODUCTIONS!
December 22, 2017
: Algy Ward just officially confirmed release date for STURMPANZER, it's May 11th, 2018! The new album will be released through DISSONANCE PRODUCTIONS. HAMMER ON!
June 24 2017
: TANK will be in a Hall of Fame "Filth Hounds of Hades"(interview with Algy, Mark & Pete plus producer Fast Eddie Clarke) in a major U.S. metal mag DECIBEL, August 2017, issue #154. Hammer on!
March 8, 2017
: Final track listing for the STURMPANZER album has been posted, just go to ALBUMS page.
January 19, 2017
: Latest photos & short video of Algy Ward in the studio while recording a new album STURMPANZER. Go to PICTURES page & VIDEO link.  Credits again go to Dan Wright.
January 8, 2017
: Algy says: "Love to all, Happy Holidays!" 
Ex-TANK drummer
Gary Taylor has brand new website up & running now, visit @  garytaylodrummer.com. He's currently playing with BALLROOMS OF MARS.
October 29, 2016: Sturmpanzer album should be released in February 2017. More details soon.
August 4, 2016
: According to Algy Ward: "Sturmpanzer album is nearly done, just mixing and stuff, sleeve done." No release date yet. HAMMER ON!
February 14, 2016:
 The latest issue(# 22) of SNAKEPIT MAG out now with huge Mark Brabbs interview.
Algy Ward 2015January 3, 2016: Brand  new photos of Algy Ward from "Sturmpanzer"album session are online, please visit PICTURES page. Credits go to Dan Wright.
December 31, 2015:
 Happy New Year folks! Here's some present for you from Algy. Brand new YOUTUBE video called "TANK - Behind the scenes of  Sturmpanzer": a few snippets of Algy Ward before the upcoming release of the new TANK album, "Sturmpanzer". Check it out. Many tanks to Dan Wright.
December 24, 2015
: Seasonal greetings from good, old Algy: "Happly Holidayistmas or have a good seasonal retail oppertunitityityity(eh?) to your good self and family and the Loyal Worldwide Filth Hounds, your Xmas present is being edited and will be with you soon re STURMPANZER. I'm recording the last song over the break have had soundcard issues/problems/issues/problems etc... so am late with it, album will be mixed in January DRINK TOO MUCH EVERYONE(if available). Remember:- your home might be at risk if you set fire to it, always read the label. Trousers can go up as wells as down. Although every effort has been made to remove it, some talent may still remain. Love, SBD. HHAAAMMMEERRR OOONNNN!!!!"
December 8, 2015
: Brand new interview with Algy Ward with THE BIG TAKEOVER (New York, USA) issue #77 out now.
 November 3, 2015
: According to Algy the new STURMPANZER album should be finished by Christmas for 2016 release. HAMMER ON!
October 5, 2015
: Page FAN ZONE was updated with few more fans. HAMMER ON! 
August 29, 2015
: Hey folks, some updates from Algy. Algy just took a day off from the studio after week or so non stop working. He also should have an interview with some respectful journalist, more info soon. HAMMER ON & TANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE!
Where are they now? MARK BRABBS. The original TANK drummer Mark Brabbs is now playing & currently touring with British legendary punks
June 17, 2015
: Brand new interview with Algy Ward & Mark Brabbs by legendary writer Martin Popoff is online, just go to BRAVE WORDS website. Thanks Martin! WE SALUTE YOU!
STURMPANZER May 13, 2015
: The artwork for the new album "Sturmpanzer" revealed! Date of release is pending. 
March 5, 2015
: EVO/ALGY "DAMNED UNTO DEATH" EP coming out(CD & vinyl) on June 19th, 2015 through HIGH ROLLER RECORDS.
Evo/Algy 2015 February 7, 2015
: Full track listing & album cover of EVO/ALGY project can be found on ALGY's PROJECTS page.
February 1, 2015
: Our chief & commander  Algy Ward is back in the studio to finish the new album "Sturmpanzer". He is sending a message: "STURMPANZER!!! REMEMBER... TROUSERS SHOULD BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. LOVE TO ALL. SBD x." 
January 25, 2015
: More news about  EVO/ALGY "DAMNED UNTO DEATH" EP: two more songs added:  1."Nosferatu" & 2. "R.A.M.O.N.E.S."(Motörhead cover), it all brings to six songs total. Approximate date of release May/June 2015.
January 10, 2015
: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Algy Ward and his comrade Evo(ex-WARFARE) just had an interview with ZERO TOLERANCE MAG, more details to come. Tanks to Tom Cole for the updates!
November 25, 2014
: EVO/ALGY "DAMNED UNTO DEATH" EP coming out soon on HIGH ROLLER RECORDS! Track listing: 1. Anger, Violence, Hatred(Evans/Ward), 2. Doomned at Dodes(Evans/Ward), 3. Tune to the Music(STATUS QUO cover), 4. Know your Product(The Saints cover).
November 1, 2014
: Please visit PICTURES page with some brand new photos of Algy & Evo. It's total TANKFARE! HAMMER ON!
Evo & Algy, 2014 October 31, 2014
: The official statement from EVO/ALGY: "THUNDER IS COMING YOUR WAY!!!
 Can  you imagine “WARFARE” Pure Filth debut, and “TANK” Filth Hounds of Hades debut... After the phenomenal success of the last EVO/ALGY collaboration (featured on the Swine of Hades EP). The formidable terror twins of Filth are back together with a brand new original track entitled ANGER VIOLENCE HATRED coming soon... Spread the news..." 
October 9, 2014
: I just got updates from Algy Ward. Algy is back in the studio to record long awaited album STURMPANZER. There are about 11 songs. For track listing please visit ALBUMS page.  Algy said thanks to all for your support.  HAMMER ON!
EVO/ALGY project news: Evo( WARFARE) just finished writing the lyric to the next EVO/ALGY album track ANGER VIOLENCE & HATRED this will be issued as a single with 2 x B sides in 12” and 7” vinyl and CD...
September 21, 2014: Very rare Tony Jasper's(British Forces Broadcasting Service- BFBS) audio interview with TANK from April 1982. Click here. Tanks to Siegfried Hahn for the link!
August 23, 2014
: Message from Algy Ward: "Allo! I have just returned from the Island of Chandellier, north of Crunt and nowhere near Feltching so there. The battle weary trouser press of Doom resumes hostilities. It sounds like that Banana song Smells like that means Ferrets. Oh well! You and the Filth Hounds have been so loyal and kept fighting for me. Please send my heartfelt Love to all. THE WAR CONTINUES... luv SBD x".
July 30, 2014
: More REVIEWS of the new "Breath of the Pit"album(5/5 & 4/5) from AMAZON UK. OVER & OUT! HAMMER ON!
July 11, 2014
: Algy turned 55 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALGY! HAMMER ON!
April 30, 2014
: Algy Ward's interview for British magazine UNCUT will be in May issue
April 15, 2014
: Issue # 18(May/June 2014) of VIVE LE ROCK! magazine will be featured Algy Ward & The Damned. Check it out!
March 27, 2014
: Iain "Kipper" Ward's funeral will be on Monday April 7th at noon! R.I.P. & HAMMER ON brother!
Iain 'Kipper' WardMarch 20, 2014
: R.I.P. Iain "Kipper" Ward! Very sad news: Algy's brother Kipper passed away today at 10:30 a.m. after a long illness. Our prayers go out to Algy, his relatives & friends. 
 He will be missed.  
Message from the original TANK guitarist Peter Brabbs: "Very, very sad news indeed. Haven't seen Kipper since the Tank days, so his humor, skills all around touring etc, his dedication and a great to be with personality will be immortalized in my memories. God bless him and of course thoughts are with Algy and Iain's friends and family."
Jeff Summers(WEAPON, STATETROOPER, WILDFIRE): "That's really sad news. I last saw Iain with Algy, Gary Barden and my brother
Gary Summers in Tunbridge Wells. We were jamming in Sushi's bar and Iain played harmonica. R.I.P. mate x."
March 1, 2014: Algy Ward just had an interview for big British magazine UNCUT. It will be in a future issue of the mag.

February 3, 2014
: HOT NEWS! EVO(former Major Accident/The Blood/Angelic Upstarts & Warfare) and Algy Ward got together again(after the success of the SWINE of HADES EP) under the banner of EVO/ALGY the duo will record a self penned number written by Evo & Algy entitled "VIOLENCE ANGER HATRED".
This is not going to affect Algy's work with TANK. 

January 15, 2014
: TANK "BREATH OF THE PIT" album will be finally released in North America through PLASTIC HEAD AMERICA on February 11, 2014.
The album is also top seller at CDUNIVERSE(the biggest US online store). HAMMER ON!
January 2, 2014
December 24, 2013: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Season greetings from Algy Ward: "LOYAL FILTH HOUNDS! Have a Fucking good Winter Retail Opportunity, may your Trouser always Prosper. Your ever loving STRATEGIC BASS DETERRENT ALGY. HAMMMER OOOONNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!"
December 7, 2013
: TANK "BREATH OF THE PIT" is top 10 best album of 2013 from the UK  STU'S REVIEWS
Algy, October 2013 November 27, 2013
: Algy Ward's INTERVIEW with the December issue of CHROMIUM DIOXIDE magazine(Canada) is online. Special thanks to Dave Slimer for the permission to post it online. 
November 17, 2013
: First review REVIEW of the new album this time from AMAZON UK. 5/5! FAN ZONE page was updated as well.
 October 30, 2013
: More REVIEWS of the new album from AMAZON. Thanks for the tip!
October 17, 2013
: Algy just had a knee surgery, very sore. He's doing ok. Let's wish him well. 
REVIEWS of the new album, this time from Greece ROCK HARD MAG. HAMMER ON!  
September 22, 2013
: More fan submitted REVIEWS of the new album. Page FAN ZONE was updated as well. HAMMER ON!
September 1, 2013
: Algy just had phone interview with CHROMIUM DIOXIDE printed magazine(Canada), more details as soon as I get information. 
August 27, 2013
: Great, brand new interview with Mark Brabbs about good old days from VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE ZINE by Frank Stöver.
August 13, 2013
: Very sad news folks: Algy Ward's brother Iain 'Kipper' Ward is "dying in the hospital", according to Algy. 
 He was still recovering from a stroke he got last year.  Let's all pray for him. Wish you best Kipper!
August 11, 2013
: Review of the album from POWERPLAY MAGAZINE(issue #156, August 2013) by Tony Pijar: "Breath of the Pit" is TANK as it should be -with the great Algy Ward back at the helm... Rating: 8/10."Red vinyl of TANK-BREATH OF THE PIT 2013
August 8, 2013
: Red vinyl release out through BACK ON BLACK RECORDSMore REVIEWS as well.
July 21, 2013
: More REVIEWS of the new album: 10/10 from the UK  STU'S REVIEWS & 5/5 by  Ed McCarty, long time TANK fan from New York.
Check out "T 34"song on YouTube   
July 11, 2013
: Mr. Ward turned 54 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALGY!
July 7, 2013
: Lyrics for  the "BREATH OF THE PIT"album are online as well.  Please visit DISCOGRAPHY page. 
Check out
"Crawl back into your Hole"song on
June 30, 2013
: More REVIEWS of the new album and INTERVIEWS with Algy Ward. 
June 18, 2013
: Check out the INTERVIEWS page with brand new Algy Ward's interview for  ZERO TOLERANCE MAG. Thanks to folks from ZT MAG for the permission to use the interview.
June 14, 2013: Algy Ward will appear on METAL MAYHEM RADIO(New York) on June 23, 2013.
June 8, 2013: Check out the REVIEWS page for more new reviews of the "BREATH OF THE PIT"album! 
June 5, 2013: The new album will be released on red vinyl through BACK ON BLACK RECORDS on July 22, 2013.
Brand  new photos of Algy Ward from "BOTP"album session are online, please visit PICTURES page. Credits go to Haydn West.Algy Ward 2013
Killer "Breath of the Pit" song on
TANK-BREATH OF THE PITJune 3, 2013The new TANK album "BREATH OF THE PIT" is now out worldwide! Enjoy it! OVER & OUT! HAMMER ON!
May 31, 2013You can preview(1 min. 30 sec. all 10 songs) and order TANK "BREATH OF THE PIT" album on iTunes.
Interview with
Algy Ward coming up June/July in the issue #53 of
May 27, 2013: The first reviews of the album from METAL AS FUCK MAG by Mick Strong and FIREBRAND MAG by Lee Walker, check them out!
May 22, 2013: You can listen to audio clips(snippets) of a new TANK "BREATH OF THE PIT" album(all 10 songs) from AMAZON website.
May 11, 2013TANK "BREATH OF THE PIT" album is available now on Amazon UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Italy & Spain.
 Algy had just done an interview for ZERO TOLERANCE MAG. More info soon!
May 1, 2013Message from Algy Ward: "My loyal friends! I hope you like new album! ALGY=TANK=ALGY! Filth Hounds rule the world! Your ever loving STRATEGIC BASS DETERRENT Algy".
April 23, 2013: The new "BREATH OF THE PIT" album will be released on June 3rd, 2013! The album will be distributed by PLASTIC HEAD.
April 17, 2013: ATTENTION, please! Finally, officially from founder Algy Ward: the new long time awaited & mysterious TANK album called "BREATH OF THE PIT" will be released next month(May) through 4WORLDS MEDIA(Southworld- SW0093CD).
The new album(CD format) will feature 10 freshly recorded songs: 1. Breath of the Pit; 2. T 34; 3. Kill, or be Killed; 4. Healing the Wounds of War; 5. Stalingrad(Time is Blood); 6. Victim; 7. Crawl back into your Hole; 8. Retribution; 9. Conflict Primeval; 10. Circle of Willis.
For more information on album please visit
ALBUMS page. Thanks to all of you for your  patience, loyalty & endless support! OVER & OUT! HAMMER ON!  
December 24, 2012: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! This site will be celebrating 15th anniversary on the web in 2013! HAMMER ON! 
December 9, 2012: We(Tedd & I) are currently working on an interview with Algy Ward, so if you guys have any questions for Algy, please e-mail us: tankfilthhounds@yahoo.com. Over & out! HAMMER ON!
August 17, 2012
Brand new message from Algy Ward: "To the loyal Filth Hounds! ALGY=TANK=ALGY=TANK=ALGY=TANK=ALGY. Don't believe the lies. Hammer on! ALGY."
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALGY!Algy & Stephen Clay, June 2012! July 11, 2012: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALGY! Algy Ward's Birthday is on July 11th(but not 7th(as Wikipedia says) or 9th, we were discussing) 1959! He's turning 53 today!
Also recent photo(June 2012) of Algy & fan(tanks to Stephen Clay for the photo)! 
June 12, 2012: Got Facebook?  Join other Algy Ward support groups/pages on Facebook: TANK, ALGY'S ARMY & ALGY WARD- FILTH HOUNDS OF HADES! HAMMER ON!
May 16, 2012Remember: "There is only ONE Tank!", - Algy Ward! Here's TANK performance video in Germany, Bang Your Head Fest,  1997 with Tom Angelripper(SODOM) doing "Don't Walk Away" together with Algy! Check it out: here. Tanks to Tom for the video! 
March 20, 2012:
 Just got updates from Algy Ward himself, so expect details on a new album with date of release soon! Check out ALGY's PROJECTS page of his participation on Gary Barden's(MSG, STATETROOPER) solo album. Also "The Snake" lyrics online finally(you've been asking for a decade)! Stay tuned & HAMMER ON! 
February 21, 2012: Just fantastic news from Algy Ward's camp: "Awesome to see such support for the ORIGINAL & GENUINE TANK! An album of new TANK material from Algy Ward will be available for pre-order very soon...  Track selection us happening NOW. Algy is writing & playing better than ever, with two albums worth of material already recorded or demo'd. Watch this space. In the meantime, here's a collection of demos from the last couple of years. Feel free to share.... HAMMER ON! www.reverbnation.com/ tankofficial".
February 7, 2012: Classic Rock Magazine interview with Algy Ward. June 17, 2009: http:// www.classicrockmagazine.com/ news/tank-no-tanks/
The Official Press Release from Algy Ward(TANK). Dated March 13, 2009:
"Message to all Filth Hounds. Encryption negative. Eat then read. Subject: Recent Misinformation.
... I have not retired. And I will try to explain that due to ill health I am no longer able to perform live as I suffer from the following conditions (Google them for an in-depth explanation):- Tinnitus (constant ringing or noise in the ears) and hyperacusis (ultra sensitivity to loud sounds). When these are combined in a high noise level environment they cause middle ear balance and stability problems, nausea, disorientation and migraines (like being seasick on dry land!). I have tried all types of hearing devices and ear plugs designed for musicians playing at high volume but none have worked for me. Believe me it is no fun falling over without warning!
After consultations with specialist doctors and therapists I was advised (even with wear plugs) that to continue to play live would result in irreversible hearing damage and to avoid where possible contact with loud noise. I also have chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia (constant muscle pain/tiredness) and take seven, sometimes more, different medications (12 tablets total) a day to function somewhere near normal.. Even without hearing problems I am not in any condition, or likely to be, to go on tour.
But as you can hear at www.myspace.com/algytank I can, although painful, still write and record and will continue to do so with the Tank name, logos and images which are my intellectual property and copywrite. Thank you for your kind messages of support. They, like you, mean a lot to me.
Want more TANK/Sturmpanzer demos/information? Keep in touch with www.officialtank.net, 
www.myspace.com/algytank and www.reverbnation.com/ tankofficial and you will be advised, don't believe the lies, remember ALGY=TANK=ALGY. Hammer on! Depart from me ye cursed into ever lasting flames. ALGY."Tom Angelripper/Algy Ward
Algy WardJanuary 24, 2012: Interview with Algy Ward: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y1h1eZU4VM from 1997, Germany. You'd be interested! HAMMER ON!
February 11, 2011:  ALGY WARD(bass/guitars) & EVO(WARFARE, lead vocals/drums) just recorded a brand new tracks "KNOW YOUR PRODUCT" & "TUNE TO THE MUSIC"! Go to http://www.myspace.com/evowarfare and check it out. Released through Godreah Records UK.
December 20, 2008: Press release from Mick Tucker & Cliff Evans:  "TANK are back in action! The legendary British power metal mercenaries have re-grouped and are ready for battle once more.
The release of the ‘DOGS OF WAR’ boxed set earlier this year was a great success which led to the inevitable re-release of the entire back catalogue (Metal Mind records). This has proved very popular with the die hard fans of old and helped to amass a new army of young fans worldwide. TANK are now very much in demand on the live front after being absent from the touring circuit for several years. With a distinctive attitude and energy to our trademark sound, TANK now have a new all-star lineup, fully equipped to crush everything in their path.
Unfortunately original vocalist/bassist ALGY WARD has decided to retire from active service and concentrate his efforts on writing his long awaited autobiography covering his career with THE DAMNED, THE SAINTS and TANK. We will miss him fighting alongside us and wish him all the best. THE WAR DRAGS EVER ON!
Joining MICK TUCKER and CLIFF EVANS on guitars will be original TANK drummer Mark Brabbs. A very welcome return for the powerhouse skins man. Two new recruits will now be joining the ranks. Ex RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW/YNGWIE MALMSTEEN frontman,
DOOGIE WHITE, will be taking care of all vocal duties and ex BRUCE DICKINSON band bass player, CHRIS DALE, completes the lineup.
This new lineup will prove to be a major force to be reckoned with and will add a new dimension to the unmistakable TANK sound, driving them forward, unstoppable into 2009. Prepare for battle! TANK are back!"
October 14, 2008:  Mick and Cliff will be appearing at the 'KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL' in Germany on the 24th/25th April 2009.  They have joined forces with TOM ANGELRIPPER(bass/vocals) from SODOM and a drummer T.B.A.  They are going to play two classic TANK songs 'This Means War' and 'Don't Walk Away'.  Mick says: "it will be nice to see our old friend Tom again, have a few beers and "kick some ass".
Other news: TANK featured in Brazilian ROADIE CREW magazine, issue # 110 background section.
Graeme CrallanJuly 29, 2008: R.I.P. Graeme Crallan! Very sad news: ex- TANK & WHITE SPIRIT drummer Graham Crallan died on Sunday night July 27, 2008. 
Message from Cliff Evans: Tomorrow at 10.30 a.m. we will bury our fallen comrade Graeme Crallan. His drumming on 'Honour and Blood' is now legendary and worthy of the Victoria cross medal for bravery. He was a loyal member of our ranks and completed several tours of duty during his short time with us. Tomorrow, Friday 1st August 2008,10.30 a.m., may we suggest 2 minutes of loud metal in memory to the Mighty 'CRALL' R.I.P.
Go to
http:/ /www.t hecnj. co.uk/ isling ton/20 08/101 008/in ews101 008_06 .html & read the story about Graeme 's passing!
April 17, 2008: Photos from Bang Your Head Festival in 1998 online! Check out BYH FEST 1998 page. Thanks to Stefan Glas from Heavy - Magazine & Underground Empire for the photos! Cheers!
Here's also fresh interview with Cliff Evans with French mag
FRANANG. Check it out. Thanks to Eric from FRANANG mag.
February 8, 2008: Check out brand new Cliff Evans's interview for Hard Radio/Shock Waves Podcast # 27 USA.
November 28, 2007: SALE!!! Now you can order TANK "Live and Rare" 15 tracks CD and TANK Official T-shirts any sizes through PayPal, just go to MERCHANDISE page."The Filth Hounds of Hades Dogs of War 1981 - 2002" Box set
October 2, 2007: 1. TANK "Live and Rare" 15 tracks CD will be released  on October 15, 2007 through Cliff Evans London based label specializing in British rock/metal SOUNDHOUSE RECORDS! Tracks from  "Live and Rare" CD aren't in the Box set. 2. "The Filth Hounds of Hades Dogs of War 1981 - 2002" Box set of 8 CDs + DVD will be released on  November 26,  2007 through Metal Mind Productions.
July 30, 2007: More photos from 1984-1987 have been posted, just go to photos PICTURES 1985 page. Tanks to Mick Tucker for the photos.
June 25, 2007: TANK  will be in Rockdetector book "Thrash Metal" by Garry Scharpe-Young out this September with 500 pages, 400,000 words. All Thrash Metal bands past to present with detailed history & discography. Worldwide distribution. Publisher: Zonda Books Publication date: August 2007. Stay tuned for more information.
March 19, 2007:There are bootlegs of Power of the Hunter/TANK albums on one CD circulating especially on e-bay, we found some of them. Those copies have nothing to do with the band. We asked the people to remove those bootlegs from e-bay.
March 14, 2007:The lyrics of  Filth Hounds of Hades complete, Power of the Hunter lyrics page was updated as well. Once again tanks to Tedd Teets for the help.  Hammer On! "The Man that never was" and "Whichcatchewedcuckoo" lyrics online as well.
February 21, 2007:Just talked to Algy Ward(he's been sick for over month, got sinus) and Mick Tucker, Algy should put vocals on three new songs "March", "Stalingrad" and "No more War" sometime this month, at least one of them will be on MySpace.
February 16, 2007:Where are they now? Mark Brabbs. Mark is playing these days in a rock band called CAMP DAVID.
January 15, 2007: Algy Ward jammed on a Christmas party December 12, 2004  with LoudShirts go to ALGY LOUDSHIRTS GIG page to see the photos. 
November 10, 2006: Check out PRESS page,TANK in METAL MANIACS(USA) magazine November 2006 issue page 41, Lost Classics by Sue Nolz. It's all about TANK! 
October 18, 2006: Photos of Cliff Evans(taken in London on October 17, 2006) are online, go to photos, CLIFF 2006 page. Tanks to Rys Miller for the photos.Cliff, Algy and Gary
Algy and Tom AngelripperOctober 4, 2006: More photos(12 total) from 1985-1987 have been posted, go to photos PICTURES 1985 page. Tanks to ex-TANK's Gary Taylor and his wife Anna. Cheers!
September 18, 2006: Photos  of Algy from 1997/1998 have been posted, go to photos, ALGY 97/98 page. Extra tanks to Kathrin Tippens for the photos. Hammer on!
Where are they now? Part.1: Brand new page GARY TAYLOR is online now, with the latest information, photos of  ex- TANK drummer Gary Taylor.
Where are they now? Part.2: To find out what  Mark Brabbs up to these days click  here, the link still exists.
August 30, 2006: Message from Algy: "Hi grapple fans, I'm doin' fine, hope u and all r well too! Nearly finished demos for Sturmpanzer album, cover's sorted, maybe I'll send you a song to put on Myspace, we'll see..TANK=MUSIQUE POUR HOMME. HAMMMER!!!! ONNN. Algy..."
June 8, 2006: TANK's "Heavy Artillery" video is available through youtube.com, check it out.
June 2, 2006: TANK finally have a profile on myspace! You were bugging me all the time. It's running by me and Rys, who is a big TANK fan from New York. Tanks Rys! Check it out: http://www.myspace.com/officialtank
May 5, 2006: Updates from Cliff Evans: "I'm working on the t-shirts now. I want to make them special so I think we'll have a design on the front and back and maybe use baseball shirts instead of t-shirts. Also just a limited number so they will become collectable".
April 20, 2006:  Algy Ward will be in the studio for more and more demos in May.
'War of Attrition live 1981'  double LP and expanded edition April 6, 2006: 'War of Attrition live 1981'  double LP and expanded edition CD out now.
March 25, 2006: 'This Means War'  is now  Official TANK website. All band members gave their  full permission to make http://www.tankfilthhounds.net the one and only Official  TANK website. There's also possibility of compiling a special CD and a new t-shirt to be available to fans only.
March 23, 2006: We've finally moved to a new location http://www.tankfilthhounds.net. Please update your bookmarks. Hammer On! You know it makes sense!
March 20, 2006:  LOUD & LEGENDARY Vol. 3 is on line now featuring a  review of  "Don't Walk Away" EP.
March 16, 2006: TANK will be on air this Saturday(March 18) (Britain's Delta FM Radio), the Rock Show: 10 p.m.-midnight U.K. time.
The new page INTERVIEW'02 is online with Algy Ward interview before "Still at War" release. I think you'd be interested to check it out.
March 6, 2006:  Page SOUNDS was updated in MP3 format and with some new songs as well.
February 25, 2006:  Coming soon on Maniacal Records (March 2006): TANK 'War of Attrition live 1981'  double LP and expanded edition CD (18 tracks including Demos, Radio Sessions and Bonus live tracks not on original CD). First time on vinyl! 1. Shellshock; 2. Steppin' On a Landmine; 3. Blood, Guts and Beer; 4. Run Like Hell; 5. Don't Walk Away; 6. Filth Hounds of Hades; 7. He Fell In Love with a (Stormtrooper); 8. The Snake; 9. Shellshock (Demo); 10. Run Like Hell (Demo); 11.  Blood, Guts and Beer (Demo); 12.  Hammer On (Radio session); 13.   Don't Walk Away (Radio Session); 14.Heavy Artillery (Radio Session); 15. T.W.D.A.M.O. (Parkpop, Holland 6/4/1982); 16.Blood, Guts and beer (Parkpop, Holland 6/4/1982); 17.Too Tired To Wait For Love (Demo); 18.The Man That Never Was(Demo) 250 copies white vinyl   (100 w/ patch, die hard edition, for sale only) 250 copies  Black 180 g vinyl pre-orders accepted, e- mail Mike at Maniacal Records to reserve  prices , individual LPs  $20.00 postpaid in USA or $25.00 for die hard edition CDs $10.00 plus shipping. Wholesale prices LPs $12.00 each plus shipping (minimum order 5 copies) CD- $7.00 plus shipping.
December 23, 2005: Algy Ward said  that demos taking longer than expected. I also made a new page  WILD PHOTOS with  x-rated old TANK photos.
November 15, 2005: Algy Ward has been busy in the studio recording demos for "Sturmpanzer" album. More news soon.
October 3, 2005: According to Cliff Evans: "I met with Algy Ward a few days ago and he played me some new songs he'd written. They sounded really great. Just like old Tank songs. We should be back in the studio very soon".
July 20, 2005: New page PICTURES '85 is online with cool photos from Studio 54 gig on  May 1st, 1985, New York, USA. Tanks to Mike Frigerio for the photos.
July 10, 2005: Algy Ward  was in the studio on July 5 and recorded five demo backing tracks for "Sturmpanzer" album: "Sturmpanzer", "Baghdad City", "Before the Eyes of the World", "Remember" and  "Tune to the Music"(a Status Quo cover song).
June 20, 2005: German power metal band POWERGOD will release "Long live the Loud - That's Metal Lesson II" CD in July, featuring TANK's "The War Drags Ever On" song with  Tom Angelripper  from Sodom on vocals.
June 14, 2005: According to Cliff Evans and Metal Mike from Maniacal Records: "the band  will be releasing another vinyl album through Maniacal Records in the next few months. It will be the "War of Attrition-live" album plus many bonus tracks(live + radio sessions + demos). It will be a double gatefold LP 250 on white vinyl and 250 on 180 gram vinyl and many old photos. Limited edition of 500 copies. There will also be an expanded edition CD with 5 bonus tracks.   The vinyl will contain 2 tracks that are not available on the CD,  and the CD will have one track which is not available on the vinyl version.  The bonus tracks will be "radio sessions" from 82 and also Lochen Pop Holland 1983.  There will also be demo versions of 2 other songs  "The Man who never was" and "Too tired to wait for Love", and then of course the "Filth Hounds" 3 songs demo, or pre "Filth Hounds". 
In other updates:
"Steppin' on a Landmine" lyrics is online. Tanks to Algy again.
May 26, 2005 Update from Algy Ward: "I will be in the studio, finishing off  the demo backing tracks for "Sturmpanzer" album, in the next two weeks".
March 28, 2005 Check out ALBUMS page with updated lyrics from "TANK"-87 and "Armour Plated" albums. Tanks to Algy for the lyrics. TOURS page was  updated as well with Metallica/Tank tourdates back in 1984.
October 20, 2004 Algy Ward is in great form health on the up, he even talked about playing live shows! More news soon...
July 9, 2004 Algy Ward wrote two  more new songs for the new album, he's doing much better, but still has a bad headaches. Here're finally new songs for the new "Sturmpanzer" album: 1. Sturmpanzer; 2. Baghdad City; 3. Before The Eyes Of The World; 4. Lianne's Crying; 5. We Are The Dead; 6. Four "O" Below Zero; 7. Which Part Of Fuck Off Don't You Understand; 8. Remember; 9. The War Machine Don't Stop; 10. Unleash The Filth Hounds; 11. Healing The Wounds...; 12. The Hunger; 13. 45 Summers. And there's ten more for the next album after that...T-34.
April 14, 2004 I just spoke with Algy Ward's  brother Iain "Kipper" Ward, according to him Algy feels much better now, than he was few weeks ago. Algy was several times at the hospital for the check ups and he's taking some break on the coast of England right now. When Algy's at home he's writing for the new TANK CD. Tanks for all your e-mails.
January 25, 2004 Here's update from Algy Ward himself: "Hi Oleg and everybody, I've been extremely touched by every ones thoughts, their kind words and best wishes, e-mails, phone calls etc. but the statement posted was unfortunately slightly misleading, I haven't been diagnosed with a tumour as yet, but I'm waiting for the analysis, it could be a glandular problem(hopefully). The doctors don't know, but there's a lump under my skull, behind my left ear, all the same, I have had a tumour before, on my rib cage during 1995, and thankfully that one turned out to be benign, what I do know is that my hearing is in a state, and being near any noise at all is virtually un- bearable, whether this is permanent, it is too soon to tell, I'd have loved to play the shows in the U.S., but I'm not well enough to travel, let alone perform, I hope the men in white coats, can sort me out over the next couple of months.... Thanks again for everyone's concern, and I'll be in touch... Your ever loving... uncle Algy.  HAMMER ON!!! Good night children... everywhere..."
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