Algy WardJanuary 23, 2004 Bad news: "Algy Ward will be taken into hospital next month to remove a tumor from his head. He's been having problems with his hearing and getting headaches. The doctors only discovered the problem a couple of days ago. Obviously this means we will be unable to play the festivals in March. Algy is very upset about this because he feels he's letting everyone down. It's taken us the past 6 months to get on these festivals. We had our plane tickets and hotels booked. We were all really excited. Hopefully Algy will make a full recovery soon and we can re-schedule some shows. We still have Sweden rock fest booked in June and we will also play some clubs. Also Wacken festival should be confirmed for August. I'll keep you informed on Algy's condition and hopefully next time I will have good news for you. Cheers, Cliff Evans."
December 28, 2003 TANK and Grim Reaper will be appearing at the Florida Metalfest on March 6th & 7th at Pinella’s Expo Center in Pinella’s Park (St. Pete area, Florida) and possibly the March Metal Meltdown  Metalfest in New Jersey on March 12 & 13. Maybe some club shows in between as well.  The band  now have a new label, who have promised to promote "Still at War" album in the U.S. It should be released at the end of February. Also the live CD will be re-released.
October 1, 2003 Great news: according to Algy Ward , "TANK will be back  to the studio this month to record the new album called "Sturmpanzer".
September 6, 2003 The interview  with Algy Ward via the Internet is online(check out INTERVIEW 2003 page), all questions are from Members of The Damned Message Board  in mid August 2003. Tanks to Gary Deering for the  interview. Cheers!
August 15, 2003 TANK are looking for another record label to re-release the "Still at War" album. It is  rumored that in works  live film of Tank as a  DVD covering the history of the band. More news to come soon.
July 13, 2003 Check out METAL OBSERVER webzine for the killer "Still at War" review(9.5 out of 10). For the interview(in Swedish) with Algy Ward go to METAL ONLY webzine.
July 3, 2003 I have posted poster of The Cartoon's gig in London, go to TOURS page. Tanks to Gregory Butler for the poster.
May 31, 2003 I have posted more "Honor & Blood" and "This Means War" reviews. Check out REVIEWS and brand new  REVIEWS-2 pages.
February 15, 2003 Check out REVIEWS page for the excellent "Still at War" review by long time TANK fan.
February 2, 2003 TANK will have a gig at The Cartoon Club in London on February 5th, CREPETUS will be supporter. The band will also be playing two gigs in Greece later this month.
November 11, 2002 Roadrunner Records Japan will reissue two classicTANK albums, "This Means War" and "Honour & Blood", on November 20th.
October 19, 2002 "Still at War" was awarded a 92 out of 100 in Japanese magazine BURRN! Congratulations! The band also will start booking shows(Europe, Japan and possibly North America) yearly next year. According to Algy Ward's interview: the next studio album will be called "Sturmpanzer", and the album after that is to be called "Retribution".
Still at WarAugust 8, 2002 Yes! I finally got "Still at War" CD(Euro version), which contents 11 tracks(59 min.) of pure Heavy Metal. It's a blast, killer, whatever... well done Algy! Don't forget to check out ALBUMS page for the track listing. Tanks to Geoff Gillespie(ZOOM CLUB RECORDS) for the CD.
August 1, 2002 "Still at War" will be released through ZOOM CLUB(ZCRCD89) in Europe on September 9th. Contact Zoom Club for the details.
July 21, 2002 "Still at War" will hit the stores in Japan on August 7th, the label at this time is SPIRITUAL BEAST. By the way, the Japanese release will have two bonus tracks(one is an exclusive track and the other is an edited version of the title track). Tanks to Yasushi "Mats" Matsumoto for the information.
July 13, 2002 Yes, finally great, long-awaited news from Mick Tucker: "Still at War , will be released in Japan in August, then worldwide shortly after."
Here's also Newsletter from 1983 about Peter Brabbs departure, I think you'd be interested.
February 26, 2002 The various artists compilation called "The Best of Zoom Club Records" is out now in Europe. Featuring: TANK, UFO, VINNIE VINCENT INVASION, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, LEGS DIAMOND, SAMSON, SAXON, etc...
October 20, 2001 I got a killer TANK "Still at War" promo CD(which contents 3 songs so far: "Still at War", "Death" and "Light the Fire(Watch'em Burn)". I really loved these songs, just waiting for the release.
You can also check Motörhead/Tank page with a ticket from 1981 in Barcelona, Spain.
September 25, 2001 Here's also some information TANK(Damned family tree), I think you'd be interested anyway.
September 6, 2001 Finally great news from Mick Tucker: "The album is now completed . We think it is the best TANK album ever".
August 7, 2001 Well, it's not exactly TANK's news and some not news at all, but anyway I think you'd be interested:
1. I just got a bunch of the NETWORK albums("L.N.C."(1996) and "Refusal to Comply"(1993)(The WENLOCK Records), where Algy Ward was playing along with Steve Clarke(drums), Tim Crowther(guitar), etc... I really liked all the albums, but "L.N.C." was excellent folk-thrash-speed(!) metal with a great, brutal Sven Olafson on vocals. As of myself I discovered NETWORK as a great metal band.
2. Here is also new page of the band DESTROYER, where Cliff Evans used to play in 1988(straight after TANK broke up).
July 1, 2001 Some fresh news from Mick Tucker: "STILL AT WAR is into mixing phase, its sounding HUGE, it will be completed by the end of the month, we are also not playing any  shows until  fall".
May 5, 2001 You can find full coverage(Real Audio) of "Filth Hounds of Hades" and "This Means War" albums in VIBRATIONS OF DOOM MAGAZINE.
March 15, 2001 The band has a new drummer, Bruce Bisland (who has also played with PRAYING MANTIS and The Sweet). The Official site also has posted track listing for the new Still at War album.
January 1, 2001 Happy New Year! Some good news: the band will be in the studio to record the next album.
The bad news is that the band no longer have
Steve Hopgood on drums(because of health problems). All drumming duties in the band will now be handled by Pete Newdeck from Grim Reaper.
December 1, 2000 Cliff Evans and Steve Hopgood are touring with Paul Di'Anno's KILLERS in Europe. Check out the Official KILLERS Website for Tour dates.
November 26, 2000 TANK had a very successful gig at the Motala Metal Festival in Sweden on November 18th.
I also added couple old photos to the
October 18, 2000 I added a new page called PAST GIGS(reviews of the TANK's gigs back in 1982). The page REVIEWS as well as INTERVIEWS also were updated with review, interview "This Means War" times. Again extra very special thanks to John Stormont(who also played in the 80s with Jess Cox(Tygers Of Pan Tang).
October 9, 2000 TANK will only print(for the show in Sweden) a limited edition of 200 T-shirts and each one will be autographed by the band.
Cliff Evans has his own Rock Club opening on October 25th. It will feature only Classic Rock. The Rock Club address is: The ACOUSTIC CAFE, 17 MANETTE STREET, SOHO, LONDON W1.
Filth Hounds badgeSeptember 27, 2000 26 Ederline Avenue, Norbury, SW16 4RY, London, England! Yes, here was located Filth Hounds Fan club back in the 80s.
Check out
an INTERVIEWS and INTERVIEWS, Part.2 pages with Algy, Pete & Mark's interviews back in 1982(after "Power of the Hunter" album release). Page PICTURES was also updated with lots of excellent photos from '82-'83. Thanks to John Stormont(who played short time in the NWOBHM band BATTLEAXE and who also was in the TANK Fan club back in 1982) for all these stuff. Cheers John!
September 6, 2000 iAbout TANK shows in Scandinavia, please contact the promoters at
August 7, 2000 As I said before the gig at the Motala Metal Festival in Sweden on November 18th has been confirmed. TANK will play there. There will also be available for sale CDs(including the great live 1981 CD) and T-shirts. So don't miss the gig and make sure to get CDs and T-shirts.
July 10, 2000 You can check out an interview with Algy Ward in VIBRATIONS OF DOOM MAGAZINE(issue # 24).
June 23, 2000 Here're news from Cliff Evans: "We will play at the Motala Metal Festival in Sweden on the November 18".
June 15, 2000 ANGEL WITCH and SAMSON have pulled out of the Sweden gigs. The band got in touch with SAXON yesterday and afterwords I was informed that SAXON will be possibly playing in Sweden.
June 9, 2000 Here're an excellent news for Filth Hounds from Sweden: the gigs in Sweden have been confirmed. TANK will headline, supported by ANGEL WITCH and SAMSON.
June 5, 2000 According to Mick Tucker: "We are negotiating with a record company in Sweden for Still At War, they are also planning some tour dates in November".
May 23, 2000 Great news from Cliff Evans: "We will be in the studio tomorrow laying down tracks for Still At War album".
April 25, 2000 According to Mick Tucker: "STILL AT WAR is nearly ready, it sounds awesome. We are thinking of including an interactive track on the album as well(the history of the band, interviews, video  etc...)".
Achtung!April 21, 2000 ATTENTION! I got an absolutely excellent CD TANK "Live! 1981", every Filth Hounds must have that! The live CD has 8 songs: 1. Shellshock; 2. Stepping On A Landmine; 3. Blood, Guts And Beer; 4. Run Like Hell; 5. Don't Walk Away; 6. Filth Hounds Of Hades; 7. Stormtrooper; 8. The Snake. The live album is approximately 37 min.(all the time in my CD player now!).
February 16, 2000 According to the Wacken-Open-Air 2000 Festival homepage ANGEL WITCH, PRAYING MANTIS and SAMSON were confirmed to be on the list of the festival(August 4-5). TANK is on the list but not confirmed yet. For more information, contact the Official ticket hotline: +(49)-(0)4627-1838-38.
February 5, 2000 The entry on TANK in NWOBHM Encyclopedia(Malc Macmillan/Iron Pages 2000) was given exclusively for my site with very kind permission of N.W.O.B.H.M. guru Malc Macmillan. You can check it out at NWOBHM Encyclopedia(TANK's page). Thanks Malc!
January 27, 2000 Cliff Evans, Steve Hopgood and of coursePaul Di'Anno(ex-IRON MAIDEN) had reformed the original line up of KILLERS for a one off sold out show in Steve Hopgood's home town of Portsmouth, England. Guys have decided to record another KILLERS album some time this year.
December 11, 1999 The Official TANK Website is open and can be reached at: Also don't forget to check out mine.
December 5, 1999 Great news: TANK will have the Official Web site. According to Mick Tucker, the site address should be:
November 28, 1999 The first show an European Tour called "Metal Crusade 2000" should start in the middle of March, 2000. The line-up will be TANK, SAMSON and ANGEL WITCH. Sounds that PRAYING MANTIS are not on this Tour.
November 16, 1999 The band are working on the new album and also on the European shows. I'll let you know about Tour dates as soon as I get information.
Metal Crusade '99October 31, 1999 The new live double set of four bands TANK, TRESPASS, SAMSON and PRAYING MANTIS called "Metal Crusade '99" was released in Japan on Pony Canyon Inc. The new album(Disk 2) has 5 TANK's songs(about 25 min.).
October 20, 1999 Here are an excellent news for an American fans: it's possible that all 4 bands(TANK, SAMSON, PRAYING MANTIS and ANGEL WITCH) will have an American tour next year! Also great news for fans from Japan: it's possible that TANK will have a tour in Japan next fall. Thanks again to TANK's Cliff Evans for the excellent news.
October 13, 1999 The band is currently working(in London) hard on the new studio album(which should be released in February, 2000). According to Cliff Evans the album will have about 12 songs.
October 8, 1999 The double live album (of four bands: TANK, TRESPASS, SAMSON, PRAYING MANTIS) of the NWOBHM 20th Anniversary concert "Metal Crusade '99", will be released on 20th October, 1999 in Japan.
October 3, 1999 TANK will have an European Tour along with SAMSON, PRAYING MANTIS and ANGEL WITCH next year. The Tour will start in Germany after new year.
September 23, 1999 The new TANK CD "Still At War" will be very close to the first 2 albums("Filth Hounds Of Hades" & "Power Of The Hunter") and few songs close to "Honour & Blood".
September 8, 1999 Just had a conversation with Cliff Evans of TANK. All members of TANK are now in London, England. Cliff and Steve Hopgood want to visit Los Angeles next month. The next studio album will be out next year and it's going to be produced by TANK. So, expect my brand new phone interview with Cliff Evans this week. Extra very special thanks to Cliff Evans for the such a great news and Paola Sala(couldn't have done it without you). If you have questions , suggestions etc... let me know, I'll send them to the band.
NWOBHM 20th Anniversary FestivalSeptember 3, 1999 The double CD of four bands(TANK, TRESPASS, SAMSON, PRAYING MANTIS) is due in September(?).
August 31, 1999 Finally are great news from Japan: TANK played at the NWOBHM 20th Anniversary Festival "Metal Crusade '99" in Tokyo on August 1, 1999. There was a crowd about 4000 people. TANK(line up: Algy Ward, Cliff Evans, Mick Tucker and Steve Hopgood) played along with SAMSON, TRESPASS and PRAYING MANTIS. TRESPASS opened the show. TANK played (after SAMSON) the old hits: "This Means War", "Power Of The Hunter", "Don't Walk Away", " Stormtrooper", "Walking Barefoot Over Glass", "T.W.D.A.M.O.", "Echoes Of A Distant Battle", "Shellshock". PRAYING MANTIS finished the show. The show was broadcasted on the local TV. Extra thanks again to Takahiko Togano for the information.
July 31, 1999 The new double CD is out through SPV Records(Germany) called "Best of Wacken- Open-Air", featuring bands that have performed at the storied metal fest over the years: TANK "Shellshock"(live in 1997), MOTÖRHEAD "Bomber"(live), SAXON "Princess Of The Night"(live) and others.
May 21, 1999 Well, not a lot of news so far. The last news are that TANK, TRESPASS, SAMSON and PRAYING MANTIS will be appearing at the festival in Tokyo, Japan in August 1999. Thanks to Takahiko Togano for information. Also is possible that TANK, TRESPASS, SAMSON and PRAYING MANTIS will be playing at the Wacken-Open-Air Festival in Hamburg, Germany August 6/7.
January, 1999 The new TANK CD "Still At War" is coming out possible in 1999!