"BREATH OF THE PIT"-2013. 
1. "Return of the true TANK - one of the most influential metal bands from the UK!"- NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS, Germany.
2. "Ward’s battered larynx does all the throat work here, lending the tunes that all important stamp of authenticity as he rants on about Stalingrad, T-34s and the duplicity of his former band members on the splendid 'Crawl Back Into Your Hole". - The first review of the album from METAL AS FUCK MAG by Mick Strong.
3. Review from 
FIREBRAND MAG by Lee Walker.
4. "This is the Tank sound we want, the real Filth Hounds of Hades, it’s good to hear the band’s name in the right context with the music being released and ‘Breath of the Pit’ on the whole is a solid dirty release". - AVE NOCTUM ZINE by Paul Maddison. 
5. Review from German's CROSS FIRE ZINE by Joxe Schaefer. 
6. "THIS, boys and girls, is the real TANK! Original (gravel throated) vocalist/bassist Algy Ward is side-lined no longer, offering up another war obsessed platter of heavy metal that earned him the 80s moniker of MOTORHEAD’s little brother". Review from  BRAVE WORLDS by Mark Gromen.
7. "This is an album that is worth the attention of traditional heavy metal fans"-. Review from BEHIND THE VEIL ZINE by Nick “Verkaim” Parastatidis.
8. Review by AOR HEAVEN: "I wasn’t really that fussed about another TANK album until I read that Algy Ward is back in the fold and who also incidentally has the rights to the TANK  name…but I do hope we don’t end up with another bullshit Saxon/Queensryche/LA Guns styled scenario in this case, that just affects all of the “versions” credibility. Fans of the original dirty sound can rest assured that you get what you expect with "Breath Of The Pit", this really does work, you find it on equal par to some of the considered classic TANK  releases.
This is the TANK  sound we want, the real Filth Hounds of Hades"…
9. "Well dear reader its a fantastic solo album, sure there are a couple of issues with the drum machine, but we can easily forget that. This is quality and its 100% TANK! Rating 10/10."-
from the UK  STU'S REVIEWS.
10. "This is Tank of the good times, now you can do as Algy to bring this production to the stage will be a sight to see. Rating 8.5/10" by Miguel Ramirez MUNDO ROCK & HEAVY WEBZINE(Chile).
11. Review of the album from
POWERPLAY MAGAZINE(issue #156, August 2013) by Tony Pijar: "Breath of the Pit" is TANK as it should be -with the great Algy Ward back at the helm... Rating: 8/10."
12. "11 out of 10! Amazing album from Algy Ward! TANK is back!"-
13. "After more or less been ejected from his own band by the clan Tucker/Evans's, Algy Ward returns with a new album produced by TANK himself, and he defines himself as the true TANK for true fans group. If the good old Algy is no longer able to perform live, due to his health problems, it is nevertheless able to compose and record new album THE TANK. BUY OR DIE!
AMAZON France & Spain. Rating: 7.5/10.   
Review of the album from Greece ROCK HARD
15. "Algy is back!...5/5"-review by Bier Borsti for AMAZON Germany.                                             
                                                               FAN SUBMITTED REVIEWS:

1. "Well done to Algy for putting out this amazing TANK album and overcoming all illness to give the true TANK filth hound maniacs what they want, he's an inspiration to us all - Hammer On and buy the fuck outta this album! RBOTN".- Gerry Mulholland from the band RABID BITCH OF THE NORTH.
Review from e-bay: "I read a press release a few months ago regarding this record and it stated this album will blow your face off, anyway after 2 spins now my face is still in tact after years of reconstruction because tank blew my face off in late may 1985 but that is a whole other story, well here we are in spring 2013 and FINALLY we get a new tank record from the tank master himself MR ALGY WARD, please don't confuse this tank with the scab tank that have put out 2 studio albums and a live dvd since late 2010, that tank features Cliff Evans and Mick Tucker who stole and hi-jacked the TANK name from Algy which was a sin, there music is actually good BUT TO CALL THEMSELVES TANK!!!!!!!!! NO WAY! BREATH OF THE PIT IS TANK 100% PURE and this record has been in the waiting since tanks last record still at war which was released in 2002, so what do we get after an 11 year wait, A REALLY HEAVY, HEAVY TANK RECORD!!!!!"
3."Top release of the year! It made me turn my back on Tank again, the best release since Honour and blood! The other version should retire or go on under different name! He also proved that he is excellent guitarist as well. lots of credits cose he's done it himself. Ward is back, I m so happy to see him! No disappointment here. \m/!"- bJavier Morales (Phoenix, AZ).
4. "Strong Tank album!
Algy is back and it's great! Brilliant album from my idol. Algy = Tank."-by Tony (San Francisco, CA, USA).
5. "Algy is back! Highly recommend it. You can't go wrong with Algy!"- by
Gregory Till (NY, NY).
6.  "I read a press release a few months ago regarding this record and it stated this album will blow your face off, anyway after 2 spins now my face is still in tact after years of reconstruction because Tank blew my face off in late may 1985 and on June 8th 1985 at Lamours in Brooklyn New York but that is a whole other story, well here we are in summer 2013 and FINALLY we get a new tank record from the tank master himself MR. ALGY WARD, please don't confuse this Tank with the scab Tank that have put out 2 studio albums and a live DVD since late 2010, that Tank features Cliff Evans and Mick Tucker who stole and hi jacked the Tank name from Algy which was a sin, there music is actually good BUT TO CALL THEMSELVES TANK!!!!!!!!! NO WAY BREATH OF THE PIT IS TANK 100% PURE and this record has been in the waiting since tanks last record still at war which was released in 2002, so what do we get after an 11 year wait, A REALLY HEAVY, HEAVY TANK RECORD!!!!! my only complaint is Algy plays everything on here and I'm not a fan of drum machines but since this is an Algy Ward record I can seem to handle it in this case, the last time i accepted a record with a drum machine was back in 1988 and that was Judas Priests ram it down LP, anyway Algy picks up where the band seem to have left off back in 02 when still at war was released, this album has all those catchy lyrics only Algy can write, Algy has always had a thing for writing songs about war and I think that is what made him an underground sensation some 30 + years ago, sorry NO nothing will ever top the first 4 tank records starting with filth hounds of hades in 1981 through honour and blood in 1984 those seemed to be the magic years, i did indeed like the self titled tank record that nobody seems to remember that was released in 1987, actually the artwork for the sleeve to this record is almost the same, that tank record actually had some keyboard elements to it and was still heavy as hell but sadly by 1987 metal had become a form of music where it was more important how pretty you could make yourself look for the chicks then put out 100% pure in your face heavy metal like most British bands where doing between 1978 and 1985, anyway here we are in 2013 with breath of the pit and as I said this is sooooooooo heavy you have to hear it especially if you where a big tank fan like i have been since 1982 now, on here you hear the heavy classic bass Algy does well and Algy did very well with t he guitar parts on here some of the solos are great, if Algy was to be lying and saying he had a great guitar player I WOULD BELIEVE HIM that is how well Algy handled the guitar work for this record all those guitar sounds that you heard from 1981 through 1987 are all still there and Algy did this ALONE so actually that makes this more impressive, the drum tracks where done very well but there are those obvious parts where you can clearly hear Algy used a drum machine but outside of that THIS RECORD IS VERY OLD SCHOOL SOUNDING, you will know its Algy Wards Tank as soon as the laser hits the first note on breath of the pit or the needle hits the wax you will know in a second THE REAL TANK IS BACK, considering so much nu metal sucks now and so much technology is used to make records today you will find that is not the case here with this record, if it was not for the drum machine i would say this sounds just like it was recorded in the early to mid 80s which is a good thing, like i said before Algy kept this very true to the original tank sound and I'm so glad i got this the other day finally, i have been a tank fan for so long now, tank have always been in my top 10 all time favorite hm bands next to Saxon, Priest, Accept and many others, i feel tank accidentally ended up coming to power during the nwobhm explosin in the a UK, i don believe Agy was trying to follow any trends, he is his own man and this record will prove that to any nay sayers, no selling out here at all, i can go on and on but the main point I'm trying to drive home is THE REAL TANK IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!! sadly there will be no touring for this record or any future record Algy does as his health wont allow that but it is wonderful to at least get a new album out of him from time to time, if that is all i can get from Algy all these years on then i except this situation as it is, i know some guys who are bumbed out this record will not be toured for as most American Tank fans have never seen tank live, which brings me to this in late may and early June 1985 tank came over here to the us and did a small string of east coast only us dates, they played 4 shows in the New York metro area alone, i was blessed to see them, however during one show at lamours east in queens New York Cliff Evans had an amp case fall on him and he ended up in the hospital, Tank played this charity show at Lamour east as a 3 piece and wow did they smoke!!!!! They only played 5 songs but like i said this was a charity event so all the local crap NY poser bands got 5 songs as well, TANK BLEW EVERYONE AWAY!!!! that was on a Sunday i remember, that week on a Wednesday or Thursday TANK played cbgbs with Carnivore ( Peter Steele) and between the two of them i don't think there was much left of the bowery after that gig that night, then on June 8th of 85 Tank played there final us show at Lamours in Brooklyn, Cliff was fine by then, i still remember when the house lights went down and the intro to the war drags ever on was playing as Tank took to the stage, i was in aw!!!!!!! and on tank came blasting the war drags ever on to open there set with and from there it was about 100 minutes of a killer monster set that to this day 28 years later i have never forgotten and yes i still have my ticket stub, cost 8 bucks to get in back then, i saw a lot of freaking shows in the 80s and this one still stands out in my top 5 best shows of the 80s for me, also i LOVE THE AUSTRALIAN SAINTS AND THE DAMNED and Algy ward played small roles with both of those bands before tank came along, anyway THIS ALBUM IS A MUST FOR ANY TANK FAN!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALGY FOR GIVING US THIS RECORD AND MOST OF ALL ALGY THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT MEMORIES FROM THE 80S AND ALL THE MUSIC YOU HAVE PUT OUT OVER A 35 YEAR PERIOD NOW YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND AND I WISH YOU THE BEST IN HEALTH AND IN MIND, YOU MAY NOT FEEL IT BUT YOU DO INDEED HAVE MANY FANS OVER HERE IN THE US, WE HOPE TO HEAR ANOTHER RECORD FROM YOU BUT NOT IN 11 YEARS, LETS MAKE IT A YEAR OR TWO, I CANT WAIT TO GET BREATH OF THE PIT ON RED WAX WHEN THE LP GETS OVER HERE IN A WEEK OR TWO...."- by
Ed McCarty, long time Tank fan for
7. "Tank are back with Algy Ward, the founding member. I was so glad to see this finally come out after hearing it was going to for so long. It's a good start to getting back into everyone's faces. Tank are one of the NWOBHM bands that should have never gone away, they should have kept it going and now they are. Support them, buy this, and if you haven't gotten anything else, go buy the rest of them. 5/5"
Cecil A. Allen "Wickerman" for AMAZON.
8. "
Algy Ward at war! A blistering attack on the senses, very loud: excellent for annoying the neighbors with. not the tracks though he has offered a few years ago with the promised new album (the spat with other Tank probably upset apple cart) . a long time coming but worth while waiting for, taking into account he has done it all on his own, almost. stand out track - all of them, not a duff one to be found. 5/5." review from
AMAZON UK by Mr. R. STRUGNELL "Struggy Spider".


Still at War"Still at War" by Forrest Toop.
Mostly Filth Hounds II(*****).
Dogs of war, listen up, for this is your finest hour. After an unexplainable & prolonged absence that abruptly left a powerchord-hungry world somberly praying for unmerciful annihilation, TANK has boldy & defiantly detached the silencer, spit-shined ALL available weaponry, and glorifyingly returned with a deafening cacophony of vengeance. To my ears anyway, Algy Ward and his assorted company of commanders have always sounded like a mach speed hay truck dragging behind it a two ton gunny sack of loose bolts. "Still At War" plows along right where "Filth Hounds" left off (okay, "Power of the Hunter" WAS a respectable followup even if subsequent releases failed to substantially add to the casualty list). The sound quality is decidedly rough 'n' ready yet carries with it a certain heft that heaves the assaulting semi-automatic riffs over the wall of decades-long indifference. "Light the Fire (Watch 'Em Burn)", "Conspiracy of Hate" and "The Fear Inside" are standout cuts, whistling high above the din, while "And Then We Heard the Thunder" & "Return of the Filth Hounds" are, in my opinion at least, the best two hunks of tin that TANK has ever had the 'nads to melt down into smoldering heaps of scrap metal. "Still At War" has been militarily planned like a chaotic midnight camp raid and dutifully serves as a suitable launching pad from which to exact a mighty riff-o-ram-it revenge. In short, this "MOTÖRHEAD meets SAXON" amalgamation of aggravated mayhem is 53+ minutes of a well conducted electrocution. Hammer On, Drop & Hail!
Check out METAL OBSERVER webzine for the killer "Still at War" review(9.5 out of 10).

The Return Of The Filth Hounds-live"The Return Of The Filth Hounds-live", Tombstone Metal Fanzine(from Greece)(R.I.P). August 1998.
TANK were a very popular band back in the 80's. Now with Heavy Metal selling a lot of copies again the time was right for a reunion. So the band reunited and played some shows in Germany. They recorded a live album which is the one we are reviewing here. The album also features two previously unreleased songs. The usual 80's style of metal, with some
MOTÖRHEAD influences, from four guys who certainly know how to do it the right way. The band seems to be in great form performing their songs with plenty of energy, enough to make the venue shake from its roots. An album with good production and some all time classics of the band. The voice of Algy is not in it’s best form but hey… what the f*** this is a live album… and of course he is older now. TANK are back and you better watch out, or they will step over you… and this is something that you don’t want to happen. Classic metal from a classic band...


Honour & Blood"Honour & Blood", by Ralph Heibutzki(ALL MUSIC GUIDE).
On this album, Tank strains to match This Means War's critically lauded raunch, right down to aping its predecessor's blueprint: three songs on side one, four songs on side two. That's not to say the group's single-minded chugalug has gotten tamer: "The War Drags Ever On" shudders with a ferocity that would make proud, but is also a ringer for the last album's "Just Like Something from Hell." The first side remains a seamless display of what made Tank comers in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal sweepstakes: blunderbuss guitars, cymbal-soaked drums, and vocals that sound like they're being phoned in from the bottom of a gravel pit. Tank shone brightest on these lengthy ruminations about the horrors of war; it's hard to imagine how Metallica could have stepped down a similar path without hearing these guys first. Side two is a more inconsistent exercise plagued by an insistence on riffing for its own sake. The gleeful dismantling of Aretha Franklin's standard "Chain of Fools" is the standout - if only because it's so unusual in this context - while "Too Tired to Wait for Love" and "Kill" pull off the old riotous majesty, but could stand some more well-rounded melodies. Honour & Blood is a solid outing that only suffers when stacked against its predecessor. Tank and riff-mad peers like Raven and Warfare would succumb to an '80s-era Darwinian logic that stranded them at the altar - while Bon Jovi and Def Leppard sailed into poppier pastures and hit the jackpot. It's just like high school: The prevaricating prom kings got the cars and girls, while everyone else got to watch. (The Roadrunner reissue adds one bonus track, "The Man That Never Was.") 

Honour & Blood"Honour & Blood", Kerrang! January 24- February 6, 1985 by Mick Wall.
Like the sensation of receiving six inch nails through the palms of both hands. Like the sound of screaming insects being trapled underfoot by John Wayne's size 12 prairie boots. Like the rancid, vulgar pong of an ageing tour jacket. Like the time I nearly electrocuted myself in the bath, the
TANK album will scar your brain for life and will turn your gizzard to hair it or lump it, the sort of toilet-rock that TANK revel in has got better and better as the years, and the albums-four-have gone rolling by.
The last time I traded animal skins with these head-hunters, The Brabbs brothers were still pumping out the rhythm, so we're going back a ways here , for sure. These days the band are Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans on guitars, Graham Crallan on drums and, of course, the irrepressible heart-of-ale Metal bumpkin, Algy Ward on sledgehammer bass and Co-Co-The-Fiend vocals...
"Honour And Blood" begins with a nuclear explosion of synthesisers; the track is "The War Drags Ever On". And then the guitars come lurching through the window and immediate havoc is unleashed as Algy crows and croons his vicious, vile vignette like a snake with its tail on fire.
From there-on-in the album thunders along with about as much in-built style and grace as Grandad from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"; as beautiful as Quasimodo on a Quaaludes, and as punchy as Mohammed Ali before the brain tranquilisers. It ain't a pretty sight, but it does the trick...
"When Hell Freezes Over" and "W.M.L.A." (that's "Wasting My Life Away", for your information) thunder and chunder along , rattling the bones in your back as you stand there quivering, visibly losing hair by the fistful. "Too Tired To Wait For Love" , I'm sure , is Algy's little idea of a pun on "Too Drunk To...uh...Read", and "Chain Of Fools" and "Kill" are, um, rather self explanatory if you get me drift, squire... Fast, unflashy, ultra-toothsome, with surprising touches of technical finesse from the joint production helm of Algy and Mick Tucker.
Good stuff, then , that bodes well for the future. Joke band they may be regarded as in some quarters (or, in Kerrang's case, about three quarters of the room...), but didn't they used to say that about bands like MOTÖRHEAD? Shouldn't some people feel the same way about groups like GIRLSCHOOL?

Honour & Blood"Honour & Blood", Tank rolls on in the same fashion, iSOUND.COM.
For some strange reason, singer and bass player Algy Ward got rid of the Brabbs brother after Tank's third album ("This means war"). With Algy Ward being the only original member left, you might expect "Honour & blood" to sound different than the previous albums, but it doesn't. This album kicks off with one of Tank's best songs ever - "The war drags ever on" - and it's built in the same way as "Just like something from hell" from the "This means war" album. There are some songs that are very good and especially "Honour & blood", "Wasting my life away", and "Too tired to wait for love" deserves to be mentioned. There are obvious similarities between Tank and Motörhead, and if you're into fast and raw heavy metal without a single trace of so called hair metal or MTV metal you will most certainly like "Honour & blood".
For "Filth Hounds of Hades" review go to  KRILLION'S METAL REVIEWS webzine.