RECENT  PROJECTS: 

EVO/ALGY 2015 EVO/ALGY "Damned Unto Death"-2015
1. Anger Violence Hatred
2. Nosferatu
3. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.(Mo
törhead cover)
4. Doomned at Dodes
5. Know Your Product(The Saints cover)
6. Tune to the Music(Status Quo cover)
Release through HIGH ROLLER RECORDS.


Gary John Barden Gary John Barden "Eleventh Hour"-2011
1. Baghdad City*
2. Fallen by the wayside
3. Child of Sorrow
4. What you wanna do
5. We are the Dead*
6. All in
7. Blackmail
8. Shine a Light on me
9. Easy does it
10. Before the Eyes of the World*
11. Don’t take me for a Loser 
* Featuring Algy Ward as a composer. Produced by Michael Voss(MAD MAX).
Released through Escape Music Records UK.
EVO/ALGY EVO/ALGY "Swine of Hades"-2011
1. EVO/ALGY "Tune to the Music"
2. TAAKE "Die when you die"(featuring Necrobutcher on bass)
3. SIGH "Somniphobia"
4. MEADS OF ASPHODEL "There's a God in my Gruel"
5. THUS DEFILED "And they shall Fear the Night"(featuring Sakis backing vocals)
Released through
Godreah Records UK.

                 PROJECTS 1978-1997: 

The Saints

The Saints "Eternally Yours"-1978The Saints
1. Know Your Product
2. Lost And Found
3. Memories Are Made Of This
4. Private Affair
5. A Minor Aversion
6. No Your Product
7. This Perfect Day
8. Run Down
9. Orstralia
10. New Centre Of The Universe
11. Untitled
12. (I'm)Misunderstood
13. International Robots

The Saints The Saints "Prehistoric Sounds"-1979
1. Swing for the Crime
2. All Times through Paradise
3. Every Day's a Holiday, every Night's a Party
4. Brisbane(Security City)
5. Church of Indifference
6. Crazy googenheimer Blues
7. Everything's fine
8. The Prisoner
9. Security
10. This Time
11. Take this Heart of mine
12. The Chameleon
13. Save Me...
The Saints The best of...

The Saints "The best of... Know your Product"-1997
1. I'm Stranded                                12. Nights In Venice
2. (This) Perfect Day                      13. Do The Robot
3. Lipstick On Your Collar              14. Know Your Product
4. River Deep Mountain High          15. Run Down
5.Demolition Girl                            16. Lost And Found
6. One Way Street                           17. Memories Are Made Of This
7. Story Of Love                             18. Private Affair
8. Kissin' Cousins                             19. A Minor Aversion
9. No Time                                      20. No. Your Product
10. Wild About You                         21. Swing For The Crime
11. Messin' With The Kid                22. All Times Through Paradise

The Damned The Damned "Machine Gun Etiquette"-1979
1. Love Song(2.22)
2. Machine Gun Etiquette(1.49)
3. I Just Can't Be Happy Today(3.42)
4. Melody Lee (2.07)
5. Anti-Pope(3.21)
6. These Hands(3.01)
7. Plan 9 Channel 7(5.07)
8. Noise, Noise, Noise(3.10) 
9. Looking At You(6.07) 
10. Liar(2.44)
11. Smash It Up (Part I)(1.58) 
12. Smash It Up (Part II)(2.53)

Motordamn "Over the Top!"-1979

Motördamn "Over the Top!"-1979
1. Over the Top(3.22)
2. Ballroom Blitz(3.29) 
Line up:
Algy Ward(bass)
Rat Scabies(drums)
Captain Sensible(guitar)
Dave Vanian(vocals)
Fast Eddie Clarke(guitars)
Phil Taylor(drums)
Lemmy Kilmister(bass/vocals)
Magic Michael "7 Magic Michael with Rat Scabies and Captain Sensible "Millionaire"-1980
1. Millionaire
2. My Friend and I

Line up:
Algy Ward(bass)
Rat Scabies(drums)
Captain Sensible(guitar)
Michael Cousins(vocals)

Atom God Atom God "History Re-Written"-1992
1. History Re-Written Part. I
2. Welcome To The Kingdom Of Doom
3. History Re-Written Part. II
4. Radio Death
5. Atom Bomb
6. Cesspit (Cauldron Of Death)
7. Virgin Blood
8. (Death Will Come From) China
9. Rot In Burning Hell (bonus track)
Groon "Refusal to comply"-1994
1 School Cook Forced to Eat His Own Custard
2 When Daddy's Tiny Seed Said Hello to Mummy's Little Egg
3 S.O.S.
4 Mollusc
5 Suitable for Vegans
6 Celestial Terrestrial Commuters
7 Spillage
8 Interstellar Duster
9 The Baby Behaphthshephat
10 Rowland Hill
11 Always In Our Thoughts
12 291 LD
13 Immaculate Infusion




Necropolis "Blueprint for Bedlam"-1996
Algy Ward(bass)
Sven Olaffsen(vocals)
Keith More(guitars)
Steve Clarke(drums)
Tim Crowther(guitars
Bill Leisegang(guitars)
Ian Aitkin(guitars)
Steve Topping(guitars)
Jan Hammer(guitars)
Necropolis Necropolis "The End of the Line"-1997
1. Victim (8:51)
2. Samaritan (10.41)
3. A Taste for Killing (7:30)
4. Shadowman (3:47)
5. 145 Speed Overload (5:13)
6. The Bitterness I Taste (8:21)
7. Kamikaze(4:47)
8. Mercyless Force (4:50)(bonus track)
Network Network "Refusal to comply"-1993
1. School Cook Forced to eat his own Custard(4.43)Tim, Algy & Steve
2. When Daddy's Tiny seed said hello to Mummy's little Egg(1.42)
3. S.O.S.(8.58)
4. Mollusc(4.42)
5. Suitable for Vegans(4.50)
6. Celestial Terrestrial Commuters(2.58)
7. Spillage(6.56)
8. Interstellar Duster(6.05)
9. The Baby Behaphthshephat(7.00)
10. Rowland Hill(4.23)
11. Always in our Thoughts(9.43)
12. 291 LD(3.29)
13. Immaculate Infusion(5.29)
The very best of Network Network "The very best of Network: View from the Bar"-1994     
1. L.21(CD Rom Video)(4.41)
2. L.21(4.41)
3. S.O.S.(8.59)
Algy, Steve & Tim
4. All nice and clean(5.16)
5. Hyperventilation(4.28)
6. More Speed Darling(7.00)
7. Interstellar Duster(6.05)
8. Deferred Gratification Pt.2(3.31)
9. Dial direct(5.16)

Network L.N.C.

Network "L.N.C".-1996
1. Looking into space(7.20)
2. The Impending death of Veronica Braithwaite(4.08)
3. The Pigeon(6.51)
4. Blueprint for Bedlam(5.00)
5. L.N.C.(8.03)
6. Necropolis-CD Rom Video(3.30)
7. L.N.C. Revisited(4.02)
8. The Chase(3.53)
Warhead Warhead "Warhead"-1995
1. Fear Zone
2. Dancing The Unknown
3. Touching Imagination
4. Dark Victory
5. Artistic Decline
6. Atmospheric Chill
7. Solitaire Dementia
8. Dream Rehearsal
9. Damned
10. Ever Eternal
11. Some Weird Sin
Steve, Algy and Tim Algy and Network