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Oleg "Tank"(webmaster): "Even some folks from Metallica, Nirvana, etc.. have been influenced by TANK. Here are also hundreds of TANK fans I know around the globe(most of them are all my friends), but I don't have their  photos.  Here're some photos. I decided to create the first website for  this legendary and the heaviest of the NWOBHM band in 1998. I hope you enjoyed the site! Algy=TANK=Algy! No imitations! Hammer On!"

"Well done to Algy for putting out this amazing TANK album and overcoming all illness to give the true TANK filth hound maniacs what they want, he's an inspiration to us all - Hammer On and buy the fuck outta this album! RBOTN".- Gerry Mulholland from Ireland, he plays with the band RABID BITCH OF THE NORTH.


Joćo Scirč huge fan from Brazil: 
"Tank rules! Algy is Tank!"

HAMMER ON, brother!

Shane Hathaway

Shane Hathaway("Some more people who'll sell their mothers, than miss the gig in Glasgow. They'll be there Shane, Mick and Flash out there somewhere"). Yes, that's about him, original Filth Hound.

Mike Salkowicz:  "I'm from Hastings, Minnesota & has been a Tank fan since day one! An Algy fan too!! HAMMER ON!!!" 

Sothira , my buddy & huge Tank fan from the band PROUDFLESH Oakland, California, USA.


Greg's Tattoo


Gregory Butler: "I'm 38, live in Derby, England. Mad Tank fan "Still At War" is the best album since Motorhead's "Bastards", so I decided to add another tattoo to those I have already of Motorhead, Saxon and AC/DC". Greg is a true Tank fan, saw them at the Cartoon Club in Feb '03. 

Coti Luli, from Puerto Montt, Chile: "Only Tank is real, after that When All Hell Freezes Over! Best of Tank is that song."

Tedd Teets from Whitehall, Pennsylvania, USA. "I've been a crazy Filth Hound since I purchased the "Don't Walk Away" maxi single when I was in high school, loved'em ever since. My favorite era would be the Brabbs/Brabbs/Ward era but I enjoy it all"!

Indio Nahuel: huge fan from Santiago, Chile.


Katon in Tank t-shirt

Katon De Pena from HIRAX: he was a huge TANK and NWOBHM fan.  Katon lives in Long Beach, California.


Gary Deering

Gary Deering: he's well known as a huge The Damned/Algy fan. Discovered Tank because of this website. Gary lives in Dublin, Ireland. He's a very nice guy, helped me a lot with the Damned stuff as well as some Tank news.


Rizal SR Ali, huge Algy/TANK fan from Malaysia: "TANK is Algy & Algy is TANK"... Hammer On !!!

Ed McCarty fan since 1982, New York.

Eric Navrotski huge Tank fan from France.

Deanne Walker huge fan from New Mexico, USA.

David Spike Davi, mad  TANK fan from California, USA: "ALGY=TANK=ALGY! Favorite TANK song is 'Turn Your Head Around'  and I HATE the fake "tank"! I like to call them "wank"!

John Verica & Sue Nolz from New Jersey: "A dedicated Tank fan since 1985. Marrying a senior writer(who also digs Tank) from Metal Maniacs next spring, and we have a 5 month year old future metalhead daughter that occupies much of our free time these says"!

Mark Doyle big fan from New York, USA.

Jeff Rolland(London, UK) is a long-standing Tank fan from their first tour with Girlschool. He's a contemporary of  Shane, Mick and Flash, but didn't get a mention - not that he's bitter! Jeff plays bass in NWOBHM original band SACRILEGE and some of you may notice Algy's influence in some of his bass work. Hammer On!

Simon Prodhan: long time Algy/The Damned/Tank fan from the UK.

Redmaw Joe fan from New Jersey, USA


Omer Madrid: huge Tank fan.


Atsushi Komoike: "I'm a huge TANK fan from Japan".

Ridzuan Fitri, Tank also has fans in Malaysia!

Kathrin Tippens is a huge fan from Germany. Hola!

Bob Mayo, from WARGASM  is a huge fan from Massachusetts, USA

Darren Walchessky fan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


Tom Angelripper from SODOM was influenced by Tank. Don't walk away!

Norbert David huge Tank fan from Hungary.


Paola Sala(aka Tankgirl): she's my long time friend and a huge Tank fan. Paola was born in Italy, she's married and has 3 kids.  She lived in India, but back to Italy last year. She used to play with  the band  JAILBAIT

Darrell fan from Pittston, Pennsylvania, USA: "I'm working on a project called "GRENADEX" there's no website to that yet".

Mike Ducey fan from Kansas, Missouri, USA

Shane: "I'm originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. I've been a Tank fan since 'Filth Hounds' and I am glad to see that Tank are still in the trenches fighting the War that Drags Ever On! Algy Ward is one of the most under appreciated bass players ever. If there was any justice in the world, Tank would be up there with Motorhead, Iron Maiden and Metallica".


Paul Osborne(Brighton, UK, age 40): "first got into Tank when filth hounds came out in 1981 when I was 15 and still at school due to the fact that I was the Damned fan and Algy used to play bass for them. I actually prefer the original trio, but I love all their albums".

Hag big fan from Germany, he plays in punk/metal  band  Wolf Nipple Chips

JD Bradshaw: I reside in Virginia, USA, happily married, age 40, love heavy metal of all styles as long as it kicks ass!

Piss Pissedoffherson from San Francisco, USA: "Been a die-hard TANK fan since I purchased the "Turn Your Head Around/Steppin' On a Landmine"7 in 1982. To this very day I still turn people onto TANK. Now I front a punked-up Country Rock band called The Devil's Own and am married to a lovely woman named Erin. All hail the Filth Hounds the world over!"

Coma Toast fan from Florida, USA

Deidre fan from Connecticut, USA: "I'm a Thrasher, Beer Drinker, and Filth Hound..."

Richard Gladek is a big fan from Austin, Texas, USA. "Power of the Hunter" is his favorite album. 

Stanislav "Stealth" fan from Moscow, Russia: "I'm 26 years old, I'm into Tank since I was a teenager. Tank is f*** true and Algy is da man!"

Erich von Erich fan from Austin, Texas: "British metal is still the best! I bought some fireworks in the shape of tanks. Hell yeah!"

Ted: "I am 38 years old and in the scene since 1984 in Chicago.. I have also lived in Mexico City, Lima Peru and Las Vegas Nevada too. So yep I am old school for sure.. I have brang bands to Mexico before too like Johnny vomit and Burnt Offering from Chicago and to Peru and Ecuador too. I am no poser at all".


Rys Miller from New York, USA: "I've been a fan of Algy and Tank for years - and I'm extremely proud to say Cliff told me I'm now part of the organization! I work for another NWOBHM band called Elixir: http://www.elixir-rocks.co.uk/ 

Tattoos of  long time Tank fan Garrett Graham from Kentfield, California.

Danielle Sainte-Marie, Utah, USA: "Full-time novelist, poetess, lover of all metal and especially Tank. 'Run Like Hell,' helped me see that all darkness can be light; with proper understanding, all tombs are beneficial to the living. Tank's music is a mantra for my life".


Payre Hulkoff: he's from Sweden, "Honour & Blood" is his favorite album, he's playing now with Power Metal band VIPERINE & ATOMKRAFT.



I'm Piero Mammut from Pordenone(Italy). I play in a speed band DESTROY EDGEBONE

Nick Warhead: he's been a huge Tank fan, Nick is a member of  Speed Metal band TWELVE GAUGE. Nick lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Fredde Ernerot: he  was influenced by Tank, Fredde was born in  Sweden, plays in his Soul Metal band TEMPERANCE.


Paloma Leathurx from Sweden: "I spend most of my time singing in a band called TYRANEX which is an old school inspired band from Sweden. I also like to spend my time in the gym . I'm a big fitness fanatic".


Keith Birch from the UK. He used to play with Algy in LIONS'n'TIGERS band in the late 80s -yearly 90s.

CC French fan from Canterbury, Kent
United Kingdom

Sara J. fan from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She's a DJ at Gorilla Radio. 

Waltz from Quebec, Canada: the "Filth Hounds Of Hades" record is a very special one for me. Right! Who Needs Love Songs?

Matti Almsenius: from Sweden, was influenced by Tank, Motörhead, ex-member of THE END and BEER BELLY BOYS he's playing now with death metal band  REVENGIA.

I never knew Joe Hasselvander from  RAVEN was a Tank fan too.

Jim Durkin, original DARK ANGEL guitarist, his biggest influence: Tank.

Zlaya Huli is a big TANK fan from Russia. She has also Algy's tattoo.

Ronus fan from South Bend, Indiana, USA

Gene from Oakland, California: "I've been a Filth Hound for a few years. Found Tank when I was digging through my dad's cassette collection and found "Honour and Blood". Biggest musical influences are Jeff Hanneman, K.K Downing and ALGY WARD!" 

Selwyn Rochard: "I'm one of the last survivors of the first NWOBHM. I saw Tank here in Switzerland for the first time in 1981 as support of Motorheads No sleep 'til Hammersmith Tour! After being a loyal fan for so many years I've become friends with some bands like Gaskin, Girlschool, Blitzkrieg etc..."